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Join Us!

are held on Sundays at 8:30 AM. Service usually runs until about 9:30 AM.

runs during the same time as our Sunday Service. Children of all ages are welcome to participate in our classes where they will learn about God, and have some fun in the meantime. (more info)

is observed once monthly, typically on the ## sunday of each month. ALL ARE WELCOME to partake in the sacred sacrament.

immediately follows church service, and all are welcome to socialize and enjoy some coffee, juice, and snacks!

Seasonal Services

are offered in addition to our regular services at 7:00am by the beachfront from July 9th through Memorial Day Weekend.

Service is held by the Gazebo for a nice early start to the day!

runs on the same time as our 8:30 AM service for Infants through children who just completed 6th Grade

Students will be in a combined group and will work together on their lessons over the summer.

are held each year to give a unique holiday experience.

Early every Easter morning, we hold a special Service at the Beachfront Gazebo at Sunrise for a truly enlightning, symbolic experience.

Each Christmas eve, we hold a candlelight vigil, full of Seasonal readings Christmas Hymns(Carols).

Throughout the year, we host several other events, such as plays, fundraisers, and special Holiday Services.

  • Our Sunday School students come to perform in plays and interact in our service a few times each year
  • We run special events and services all through Holy Week. See our Living Last Supper here...
  • We always accept donations of clothes, which help raise money for the church
  • We always accept donations of food to go to the food pantry, and run a special Thanksgiving Dinner food drive to give families in need everything needed for their Thanksgiving dinner.
  • We host Craft/Vendor fairs at the Church where you can buy or sell goods.
  • A few times each year, we sell Old Monmouth candy bars to raise money for the church.
  • We host Spaghetti Dinners and other similar events for the whole family to attend.
  • For the past several years, we have hosted a ceremonial Christmas Tree Lighting at the church.
There is so much more than can be listed here, but there is always something going on at Grace!