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We Share Our Joys & Concerns

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Please Pray For...

  • Mia Sidorakis, age 2, who is battling brain cancer.
  • Anna Trembley, age 9, who is having serious heart surgery.
  • Al Wilson, who has a serious infection after toe removal.
  • Gloria Chandler
  • Helen Vincent
  • Jonathan Carrington
  • Shayla Keefe, a High School Senior struggling with her health.
  • David James, who suffered serious injuries from a car crash.
  • Frank Taddeo, who suffered an injury to his eye.
  • Joan Fuller, who has a broken arm from a fall.
  • Maureen Belmonte, who is battling cancer.
  • Dylan Quick, who is battling cancer.
  • Terry Granada, who is battling cancer.
  • Barbara Branda
  • Gert Brunelli, who has a broken hip.
  • Jeanine Smith
  • Mary Burlett
  • Larry Thorpe
  • Theresa Toth, who is battling cancer.
  • Diane Hurley